The quilt that you made for my mother-in-love was truly priceless!!  We presented it to her on Mother’s Day knowing that she had a long road ahead in battling lung cancer.  She had so much fun reflecting back on all of the pictures—in fact, she shared it with everyone that came to visit.  Her visitors & friends want one for their loved ones as well!    My mother-in-love is now in her final days and has the quilt on the end of her bed as a source of comfort.  She has told me that she wants to take it with her to Grand Island--- when she is laid to rest—no better compliment could ever be given!!  Thank you, Veronica, for your gift of Regifting Memories!  

— Rhonda G.

“One of the most wonderful gifts I have ever received to share with my granddaughter.” 

— Pat J.

“My family has purchased two beautiful quilts from Veronica of Re-Gifting Memories!”

The first quilt was a birthday gift for my mother who suffers from short-term dementia. Veronica worked closely with me to select the fabric, layout, and design of the quilt. It came out beautifully. It was a joy to see my mom’s amazement. She was very touched at seeing her great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, her sweet husband, her children and grandchildren. She loves her family quilt. It is with her every day.  The second quilt was made for my husband’s parents in France. Once again, Veronica worked closely with me to get everything just right. My husband had the greatest fun delivering it to them in France. My mother-in-law is a very talented seamstress and she was sincerely impressed by the craftsmanship of Re-Gifting Memories! My husband reported that his parents spent several afternoons and evenings studying the quilt recounting stories of their family members.  My mother-in-law also enjoys showing it to their French family and friends. They have never seen anything similar.

— Catherine B.

"A 100% HIT!!!"

— Catherine B.


When I look at our quilt from the bottom up, I see a history of LOVE, commitment, strength, prayer, sacrifice, LOVE, heartache, trials, prayer, triumphs, LOVE, loss, tears, laughter, prayer, wisdom, LOVE, humility, hope, prayer, LOVE, FAMILY, LOVE, BLESSED! ALL of these memories, in one place, regifted to me in the form of a beautiful quilt. Veronica, your hands blesses me during a time of loss, when I needed to be reminded of ALL that GOD has brought us through, so that I could find a much needed peace. Wow... my Father IS LOVE and He blesses me and is also blessing others through the hands and love of Veronica Henley and her amazing family! Thank you Veronica, for having the courage to allow God to use your hands to create & share Him, "LOVE", in the form of a quilt. They are a true gift of priceless memories! To GOD be the Glory!

— Hicks Family

Re-Gifting Memories made a quilt for my dog Biscuit and one for me. Even my dog brings her's out to visitors to show it off! This is the best way to bring those photos out of the closet and shoe boxes. As a photographer I value the idea of getting your memories out of photo graveyards and putting them to use! Best gift ever!

— Gracie Henley


Loved by Families Worldwide