The Journey. 

My father-in-law never knew his mother.  She passed away when he was 20 or 21 days old.  He spent many years of his life trying to find someone with a picture so he could just see her face! I joined the search and yes we finally found someone with a picture…he was 79 years old.  Searching for that one picture, that one image would change my life...hence the journey began.  I started looking for photos in EVERY branch of our children’s family tree.  While visiting family in Kansas, I saw a family history quilt made with photos by Earnestine Neely-Small.   After seeing her quilt, we made one quilt for a family reunion.  Now, one project led to another, a new discovery led to another…and here we are Re-Gifting your Memories in photo genealogy quilts.  It has been an overwhelming experience to meet all of your families through photos. The beautiful stories that have emerged through this process, has been just as much a gift to me as it has been to all of you. Remember, a hand crafted heirloom quilt can be given for MANY occasions.  Find your reason to share your  history, through photos!  Its time to get those pictures off of your technology devices and onto a quilt! 

Don't forget to visit the Market Place where you will find hand crafted items by other artisans.  The Market Place is based on a story in II Kings 4, the story of the widow’s oil.




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